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Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman’s new DIY show is like Parks and Recreation meets Bake Off

"The real prize is a job well done"

Published: Wednesday, 1st August 2018 at 11:16 am

Former Parks and Recreation stars Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler have created a US show that celebrates people who are able to make things from scratch – and it looks like an Americanised, woodwork-centric version of the Great British Bake Off.


Making It sees Poehler – who confesses to being a crafting incompetent – and Offerman – who appears to literally be Ron Swanson – presenting while amateur DIY experts, yes, make things.

The pastel-coloured barn where the challenges take place, the rows of work stations inside, the weekly awards of a sew-on patch for those who have mastered a skill and the general supportive, feel-good vibe are all very reminiscent of the UK's own Great British Bake Off – even if the show's ultimate Master Maker prize of $100,000 slightly outstrips the Bake Off's trophy and bouquet of flowers.

But, as the duo make clear from the out, "the real prize is a job well done" – and for the audience, a distraction from the grim reality of 2018. "Life is stressful enough, let's make a show that makes you feel good."

And make it they have...

US reviewers and viewers have clearly noticed the similarities to GBBO after Tuesday night's premiere. That, and the fact that it brings back some fond memories from the Parks and Rec days.


Sadly, there is no UK air date for Making It just yet. Snap it up, Netflix!

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