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Amy gets in too deep with casual fling Jamie on Taking New York

She says it's all cool, he says it's all cool - but it turns out it's not all cool...

Published: Monday, 16th February 2015 at 9:01 pm

It was all about the art of the awkward encounter in the second instalment of new E4 reality show Taking New York. Last week we saw Amy abandon work early to get to Jamie's birthday drinks, only to see him flirting outrageously (he was talking to her and everything) with a stranger at the bar. Her fake "I'm cool with this" grin was painfully unconvincing as the trio just stared at each other for what felt like a good 19 minutes. 


"He's 24, he's in New York and he's a British model, he gets girls all the time," Amy's sensible twin sister Megan tells tells her this week. But it's too late for wise words because poor old Amy is already way in over her head with player Jamie. He tells all his mates she's cool with the casual thing. "I'm sure she won't care," he says when asked about last week's fiasco. He's totally wrong.

There's a bit of actual romance elsewhere as everyone decides that Megan should go out with Danny, the model who's just broken up with his girlfriend. Megan doesn't fancy being a rebound but she certainly fancies him, so they keep having lunch together, 

But the most excruciating (and utterly strange) moment of the show so far is when peripheral character Matthew Charles goes for dinner with Sophie and Sumner. When Sophie is in the loo he asks Sumner out on a date in the manner I'd imagine Ken would ask out Barbie, if Ken were a serial killer. Sumner looks mortified and when Sophie returns, Matthew tries his luck with her instead. Now that's a guy who knows how to hedge his bets. 

Over in the world of jobs – that is why they're in New York after all – Georgina reluctantly takes the gig as a door girl at New York's first and only club where you can dock a yacht (because every city needs that). "I know I'm definitely worth more than this so I'll just show you", she tells her new boss Gagan, demonstrating both rudeness and impressive self-assurance. 

It looks like Georgina might run into her new nemesis Sophie next week, and that Jamie's "totally cool" frisson with Amy will turn sour when she confronts Jamie at the yacht bar launch. And we all know that in the world of reality TV, important events lead to very public drama...


Taking New York continues on Mondays on E4 at 9pm


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