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Adam Corbally’s Apprentice verdict: Pants Man is a superhero compared to Fat Daddy

Felipe’s time in the Apprentice will be remembered by these two words: Fat Daddy

Published: Thursday, 30th October 2014 at 10:44 am

Lord Sugar wasn’t pulling any punches in the boardroom last night, firing three candidates in one fell swoop. Sarah Dales, Steven Ugoalah and Ella Jade Bitton were all sent home after their Fat Daddy Fitness Hell video failed to go viral.


Well, Ella Jade went eventually. She did try to stay. She had to be fired several times. But Sugar got there in the end.

But it won’t be those three candidates who are stuck with the Fat Daddy label says former Apprentice star Adam Corbally, it’ll be Fat Daddy himself, Felipe.

“What on earth were they thinking? Poor old Felipe. He’s got to go out there and try and make a living as a serious individual. He’s a lawyer. To me now, he’s going to be known as Fat Daddy.”

And Apprentice nicknames have a tendency to stick. Pants Man anyone?

“Pants Man is superhero status compared to Fat Daddy,” Corbally laughs. “What on earth was he thinking? I thought it was terrible”.

But Felipe did at least avoid that boardroom battle, meaning more business – or a least some more star jumps – for another week.

So what of the three who took the blame?

“Sugar’s dream came true last night – he got to fire three people. They all deserved to go. None of them were fit for the process and certainly none of them worthy for going into business with. It was exactly the sort of shot in the arm the show needed.”

And it’s made it easier to be a viewer admits Corbally, who from the start has said Lord Sugar needed to get rid of more candidates.

“You know who people are now! Although, in all honesty, I thought at the end Lord Sugar was phoning up to tell the rest to go, too.”

The way it’s going so far, anything could happen.

The Apprentice continues Wednesdays at 9:00pm on BBC1



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