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7 things that happen in every Real Housewives series ever

It doesn't matter whether they're in Cheshire, Athens or Orange County, the Real Housewives speak the same scary language

Published: Wednesday, 24th September 2014 at 2:24 pm

The Real Housewives have conquered almost the entire world. The reality show that began in 2006 in Orange County, California, follows the sprawling sagas of the immensely wealthy and bored.


The OC drama was popular enough to spawn series in New York, New Jersey, Beverly Hills and Atlanta. Now Athens has its own version as has France (it's just called Les Vraies Housewives), Vancouver and Melbourne. And very soon, the Brits will get an insight into the champagne-fuelled social circles of the stay-at-home ladies in North-West England with The Real Housewives of Cheshire. 

Will Cheshire's Real Housewives be any different? No. Because while each Housewives series is set in a different state, country or continent with a unique culture, language or dialect, there's always the same drama. Here's what happen in every single The Real Housewives series, from Atlanta to Athens.

1) Someone says this with no real attempt at sincerity.

2) Half a second later, this happens.

3) Insulting a friend under the guise of 'being concerned' about their welfare. Remember, it's not unkindness, it's friendship!

4) Being outraged about an insult and telling everyone else how outraged you are about it

5) A moment of faux mystery in which we're told that we can't possibly imagine the drama to come...

7) Someone reminds us they'll be holding a grudge. Usually with quiet fury.


Real Housewives of Cheshire is coming to new channel ITVBe on 8th October. Expect literally all the above...but in Cheshire. Let the drama begin.


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