Radio Times teen survey: the Top 10 most relatable stars according to British teenagers

YouTube stars dominate the list of the most relatable media figures according to new research among 13-18 year-olds


YouTube stars are some of the most relatable entertainment figures according to new research into British teenagers by Radio Times.


As part of a survey of who 13-18 year-olds looked up to most, 1,200 teenagers were asked to rate a number of celebrities and famous faces on how relatable they felt they were.

Online stars such as vlogging family the Saccone-Jolies and comedian TomSka came out clear winners in the category – five of the top 10 are YouTube stars.

The results suggest British teenagers find it easier to connect with stars who open themselves up online. YouTube star Jonathan Saccone-Joly agrees: “People watch the Saccone-Jolys during break-ups or marriages or deaths and know they can connect with me,” he said. “I’m a real person, they can talk to me on Twitter and Snapchat and Facebook.”

Check out the Top 10 below.

1. SacconeJolys

2. Emma Watson


3. TomSka (AKA Thomas Ridgewell)

4. Danisnotonfire (Dan Howell)

5. David Tennant

6. Daniel Radcliffe (actor)

7. Miranda Hart (actor/ comedian)

8. Emma Blackery (YouTube vlogger)

9. Joe Weller (YouTube vlogger)


10. Brendon Urie (musician)