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Radio Times Entertainment Champion 2018 Round 3

Only 8 shows remain in the running - who'll get your vote?

Entertainment Champion 2018
Published: Friday, 3rd August 2018 at 11:14 am

Entertaining the masses isn't easy but it's a challenge TV bosses take on day after day, producing singing, dancing, cooking and quizzing shows in the hopes that they'll have us glued to the TV.


From Reality TV to daytime entertainment, chat shows to challenge shows, there's quite the variety to choose from, but only one can be crowned your Radio Times Entertainment TV Champion and we want YOU to name your winner..

In Round One we selected a wide range of shows and popped them into four Groups - A, B, C and D. You found your favourites and cast your votes for the Top 16, which qualified for the second stage of the competition.

You whittled that lot down to eight shows and now it's time to vote again to select the final four. You'll only have a few hours to get your votes in before polls close at 10pm UK time on Friday 3rd August.


We've lined up your eight qualifiers in four head to head battles and all you have to do is find them and vote for them. Remember, you can vote as many times you like for as many shows as you like, but it's all just a bit of summer fun, so do be sure to give your eyes and clicking fingers a break.

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