Phillip Schofield to attempt 24 hours of live presenting

This Morning and The Cube star is taking over ITV on December 1st with a full day and night of presenting in aid of the Text Santa charity campaign

The presenting force that is Phillip Schofield is to embark on a 24-hour stint of live broadcasting to kick start ITV’s Text Santa 2014 charity campaign.


Twenty four whole hours. That’s more Schofe than you can shake a remote at.

The presenter will be allowed toilet breaks, of course, with the take over starting on December 1st.

Schofield jokes on Twitter that’s he not sure he quite remembers saying yes.

“Possibly” after a few tequilas, he added.

ITV can’t confirm at this stage exactly how the event will run. Perhaps he’ll be on screen from one This Morning right through to another?

December 1st is a Monday, so maybe he’ll pop up in Coronation Street, have a pint in the Rovers? Or there could just be a little window in the corner of the screen where we can watch Schofield reacting to the programmes? Maybe they can ditch the red button for a ‘Schofe button’? So many possibilities.

Schofield himself revealed on today’s This Morning that most of the action will actually take place on ITV3. He added that the coverage is likely to include the first ever peek at a picture of George Clooney in Downton Abbey. And while one fan suggested the presenter should reunite with Gordon The Gopher, Schofield says, “That’s not going to happen! Not even in 48 hours would I do that!”

This won’t be the first mammoth broadcasting stint completed. David Dimbleby racked up 18 hours in an election broadcast, while Chris Moyles and his Radio 1 team did 51.5 hours on the air in a 2011 campaign for Comic Relief.


We wish you luck Mr Schofield.