Peter Capaldi to appear on Graham Norton Show the night before Maisie Williams returns to Doctor Who

The Twelfth Doctor is a late addition to the line-up alongside Tom Hanks, David Walliams and Duran Duran

Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi is a late addition to the line-up of The Graham Norton Show in just over a fortnight’s time. But while there are no details yet as to exactly what Capaldi will be discussing, can’t help but notice that the programme will air the night before Maisie Williams makes her return to Doctor Who…


Williams’ immortal character Ashildr has been one of the developing mysteries of Doctor Who series nine but until recently it had been unclear whether she would re-appear following two-part story The Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived.

But late last month, during the Doctor Who panel at London ComicCon, writer Sarah Dollard, prompted by showrunner Steven Moffat, all but confirmed that Ashildr will be back in episode ten, Face the Raven. Given that it airs on Saturday 21st November, the day after Capaldi appears on Graham Norton, fans will be hoping he lets slip some teaser about the story and Williams’ curious character, the mortal Viking-turned-immortal Highwaywoman, who was last glimpsed in the background of a selfie taken in the present day.

Capaldi will be joined on the sofa by Tom Hanks, David Walliams and Duran Duran.


The Graham Norton Show is on Fridays at 10:35pm on BBC1