People are NOT happy about the new Toblerone design

It's the end of the world as we know it


November 8, 2016. A day like no other. A day where the people of America voted for the leader of the free world. A day historians of the future will look back on with attentive eyes and see … “Britain ruddy annoyed by the new Toblerone”.


Haven’t you heard? Toblerone has changed: it’s now lighter. There’s more of a nook between each chocolate triangle which, although it gives each consumer much-needed leverage when breaking off a piece, sacrifices a significant slice of choc.

And this blow to Britain, with the risk of sounding a tad over the top, is the single worst thing to happen to any group of people anywhere. And we include all those affected by the cancellation of Quality Street’s Toffee Deluxe Bites (RIP).

Many have cleverly got their got their thoughts across about the new Toblerone before the inevitable COBRA meeting.

Makers Mondelez International, formerly known as Kraft, said the decision was down to the rise in the cost of ingredients and the change was not due to Brexit. Twitter was not convinced.


Politics aside, our thoughts go out to Alan Partridge at what must be a particularly difficult time.