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Why isn’t Paul Sinha on Beat The Chasers? Darragh Ennis joins panel for the first time

Viewers might have noticed that "Sinnerman" isn't on the new series of the ITV show.

The Chase Paul Sinha
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Published: Wednesday, 5th May 2021 at 5:17 pm

By: Jo Berry


ITV's Beat The Chasers continues tonight, with another set of brave contestants taking on the formidable Chasers all at once for the chance to win big money.

Now in its third series, this spin-off to daytime hit The Chase sees competitors take on up to five Chasers with host Bradley Walsh there to provide moral support.

While the show returned in March with a celebrity special, in which the likes of Joe Pasquale, Katherine Ryan, Radzi Chinyangnya, Christine Ohuruogu and Shaun Williamson faced the Chasers, we're now onto the third episode featuring members of the public as contestants.

Fans will already know that classic Chasers such as Mark Labbett, Anne Hegerty, Shaun Wallace and Jenny Ryan are back on the panel, while newest quiz whiz Darragh Ennis marks his first series on the spin-off – but where is Paul Sinha?

Here's everything we know, including when he's likely to return to the ITV show.

Why isn’t Paul Sinha on Beat The Chasers?

Unfortunately, fan-favourite Chaser Paul Sinha missed the filming of the new series of Beat The Chasers due to illness.

Paul, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease two years ago, wrote on Twitter earlier this month: “New episodes of Beat The Chasers are on their way. Unfortunately, I wasn’t well for the recordings and couldn’t join in this time around. I’m feeling much better now. X.”

Anne Hegerty recently gave an update on Sinha's return, saying: "It’s a pity, but he will be back for future series.”

She added: "“It didn’t feel quite right without Paul. It doesn’t feel quite right if any of us are missing. But we’d always intended to film with all six Chasers. And then, when one of us suddenly couldn’t, they rebuilt the set and they repositioned the lights, and we went ahead with just the five of us!”

The new series of Beat The Chasers does however feature the newest addition to the Chaser team – 40-year-old Dubliner Darragh Ennis.

A former contestant on The Chase who banked £9000 back in 2017, Darragh is the first new Chaser since Jenny Ryan joined the series in 2015.

Nicknamed ‘The Menace’, quick-witted Darragh is a post-doctoral neuroscientist researcher at the University of Oxford, where he studies the brains of insects.


Beat the Chasers celebrity special will air on ITV on Saturday March 27th at 8.30pm. Check out the rest of our Entertainment coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight.


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