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Pamela Anderson targets Melania Trump in faux fur campaign

The Baywatch star says the First Lady should be a role model and avoid the real thing

Published: Monday, 13th February 2017 at 1:47 pm

Pamela Anderson is focusing on "role model" Melania Trump as part of her campaign against wearing real fur. The first lady of Baywatch says the First Lady of the USA should switch to faux fur – and has even sent her an animal-friendly coat to get her started.


“It’s a very dynamic political period, there’s a lot of negativity in America and I thought maybe I could somehow do something positive that could make a change and maybe send Melania a faux fur coat, because she has worn fur in the past," said Anderson.

“So it was nice she didn’t wear fur to the inauguration. [The coat has] just got there. It’s just finally got there. I think that’s good.”

“She is going to be a role model," the 49 year old actress told Loose Women. "She is going to be a fashion icon and I want her to wear it. I hope she wears it.”

Former model and First Lady Melania Trump wearing a fur coat at the roast of Donald Trump in 2011

Anderson also revealed she’s collaborated on a faux fur line in Russia as part of her fashion campaign. “There’s so many alternatives [to fur],” she explained, “I’m lucky that I can bring awareness to things. There’s no reason to hurt an animal for what you wear, what you eat, for entertainment – so that’s my big passion.

“It’s more chic, more elegant to wear something that’s compassionate and is forward-thinking – especially young people, they don’t want to wear fur, that’s so old-fashioned and cruel.”


We’ll just have to wait to see if Mrs Trump adopts Anderson's faux fur jacket – and if that's followed by some "Trump's hands in Russian pockets” headlines.


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