When it comes to liking the new Emma Willis and Reggie Yates entertainment show Prized Apart it seems that viewers were, well, prised apart.


Some people loved - and many loathed - the new entertainment which started last night on BBC1.

In the show ten couples are split up: one is put through a series of challenges in Morocco while the other is forced to general knowledge questions in order to keep them in the competition and the chance to take home £100,000.

But this failed to impress one viewer who felt it was a waste of licence-fee payers' money - especially as three contestants are flown back to the UK for every show.

Another viewer put it like this:

The show's accumulation of airmiles also irritated this person:

I am also pretty sure this assessment is not intended as a compliment:

Still, not everyone was disappointed. One happy licence-fee payer wrote:

And another raved:

According to sources, the BBC is understood to be "quite happy" with the overnight ratings for the programme which stood at more than 3 million for the early evening show.



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