Hit show Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing has been renewed for a fourth run, just two days after the previous series ended.


The BBC Two series has been a tremendous success since it first aired in 2018, with millions of viewers kept entertained by the musings of the two comedians as they travel the country catching fish.

It was announced on Tuesday 29th September that the pair would be returning to the UK's riverbanks for at least one more season.

On announcing the news, Controller for BBC Two Patrick Holland said, “With so many rivers left to fish, so many stories to be told, and so many new ways for Bob to fall over, it was inevitable that this glorious series would return. Thank you Bob and Paul for making a truly unique series.”

Shortly after the news, a clip was posted on the official Gone Fishing Twitter account showing the stars revealing the news themselves while still in their fishing gear.

Mortimer said, "Hello there, it's Paul and Bob here, proudly announcing series four, a new series coming up next year of Gone Fishing. What do you think about that Paul?"

Whitehouse simply replied, "Yeah man," holding up his red scarf in celebration.

In the official announcement, Whitehouse joked, "The fish of the UK needn’t worry too much as Bob and I return for another series of Gone Fishing."

He added, "I love Bob and he needs me more than ever so we’re back on the river bank for more high jinks and another series basking in the timeless wonder of the glorious British countryside.”

Mortimer said, "I love doing this show and am over the moon to get the chance to go fishing with Paul again. I am already working on heart-healthy recipes to cook and new ways to irritate him."

As ever, the new series will focus on catching a key species of fish each episode, with Paul using guiding Bob with his extensive knowledge while Bob hunts out places to stay and creates heart-healthy menus through-out their travels.


All three series of Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing are currently available to watch on BBC iPlayer. Find out what else to watch with our TV Guide.