Monopoly is getting a makeover – with a T-Rex replacing the thimble

Say goodbye to the thimble, boot and barrow... and hello to the T-Rex, penguin and rubber duck


We need to talk about Monopoly. The much-loved family board game has rocked the boat by holding a vote to determine the future of its silver tokens. And there’s some bad news.


Brace yourselves…

… and say farewell to the thimble, wheelbarrow and boot. A moment of silence is called for. 

Unsurprisingly, the scotty dog finished top of the vote but the poor thimble – revered by some as the game’s best token – was voted out first, replaced by… a T-Rex. Yes, really. Oh, and all the tokens are now gold. 

The boot and barrow also failed to secure the requisite number of votes, swapped out for a penguin and rubber duck. 

There is a precedent for Monopoly reshuffles – back in 2013 the iron was discontinued in favour of a cat – but this recent vote has prompted a Twitter outpouring as fans grieve the loss of their favourite pieces. 


Still, it could be worse. At least we didn’t end up with THIS.