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Meet the cast of BBC divorce drama The Split

Nicola Walker, Stephen Mangan and Anthony Head star in Abi Morgan's emotionally charged family drama

Published: Tuesday, 9th April 2019 at 12:54 pm

Ruth Bradley plays Lauren Brooker

The Split - Ruth Bradley plays Lauren Brooker

Who is Lauren Brooker? The lawyer facing Hannah across the negotiating table turns out to be Christie's ex-wife. Since their split she has found a new partner and is five months pregnant, but there are clearly some lingering feelings for Christie.


What else has Ruth Bradley been in? Humans (as DI Karen Voss) and The Fall (as Wallace). She also recentl appeared in Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams as Yaro.

Chanel Cresswell plays Kelsey Ashworth

The Split - Chanel Cresswell plays Kelsey Ashworth

Who is Kelsey Ashworth? Kelsey is engaged to top footballer Diallo Diopo, but before they tie the knot their lawyers are negotiating a pre-nup – a process that has become fraught and emotional as the couple's representatives go head-to-head. Hannah is Kelsey's lawyer and is determined to get her a good deal.

What else has Chanel Cresswell been in? The actress is perhaps best known for her role as Kelly in This Is England. She's also starred as Katie in Trollied, and as Paulette in The Aliens.

Thierry Mabonga plays Diallo Diopo

The Split – Thierry Mabonga plays Diallo Diopo

Who is Diallo Diopo? An extremely wealthy footballer who is engaged to Kelsey. His lawyer, Lauren Brooker, is standing firm on the terms of the pre-nup.

What else has Thierry Mabonga been in? The actor played Alex Constantine in Jodie Whittaker drama Trust Me. He's also appeared in The Replacement and T2 Trainspotting.

Chukwudi Iwuji plays Alex 'Zander' Hale

The Split - Chukwudi Iwuji as Zander

Who is Zander? Hannah's boss at her new law film, Noble & Hale.

What else has Chukwudi Iwuji been in? Chukwudi's screen credits have included John Wick, Murder in Manhattan, and Doctor Who (as Carl). He is better known for his theatre work, including the title role in the Royal Shakespeare Company's Henry VI trilogy.

Ellora Torchia plays Maggie Lavelle

The Split - Ellora Torchia plays Maggie

Who is Maggie? Another lawyer at Noble & Hale, junior to Hannah. Together they form an impressive team.

What else has Ellora Torchia been in? Ellora played Vishka in Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands, and Sita in Indian Summers.

Mathew Baynton plays Rex Pope

The Split - Mathew Baynton plays Rex Pope

Who is Rex Pope? A well-known stand-up comedian who is going through a nasty divorce – all fodder for his act. His new show, My Ex-Wife's A Bitch, has not gone down too well with said ex-wife Sarah who is now denying him access to their son. Rex is represented by Nina and Sarah is represented by Hannah, pitting the two sisters against each other.

What else has Mathew Baynton been in? Younger viewers will know Mathew Baynton for his hilarious appearances in Horrible Histories. His other projects have included Yonderland, Quacks, You Me and the Apocalypse, The Wrong Mans, Will, Spy, and Peep Show.

Tanya Franks plays Sarah Pope

The Split - Tanya Franks as Sarah Pope

Who is Sarah Pope? Sarah is the estranged wife of Rex Pope and is also his former comedy agent. Together they have a young son.

What else has Tanya Franks been in? You may remember Tanya Franks as Broadchurch's Lucy Stevens. She has also starred as Rainie in EastEnders, Mandy in Chewing Gum, and Carol in Mum.


This article was originally published in April 2018


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