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Meet Sam Dewhurst – Georgie Clarke's replacement on Survival of the Fittest

Newcomer Sam used to date Love Island's Dom Lever and explains why women are the stronger sex

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Published: Friday, 16th February 2018 at 11:37 am

Survival of the Fittest's Georgie Clarke has become the latest contestant to leave the lodge after being voted off by the boys on the show.


"I loved every second of it," she said in a statement. "I wish I could be back there now. It was incredible to meet everybody and meet the girls, have a solid team to begin with and compete in the challenges."

After the girls lost the team challenge in Wednesday night's episode, the public were asked to vote for their favourite girl out of Georgia, Georgie, Jenny, Lottie, Mariam and Mettisse. The boys were then left to decide who to evict from the bottom four, and after a few minutes of very serious deliberation, they went with Georgie. Check out a clip of the drama going down below.

Georgie has already been replaced by newcomer Sam Dewhurst, a 24-year-old student recruitment officer and qualified teacher from Manchester who is out to "distract" the boys with her giggly demeanour.

"I can see the humour in things, even when something isn’t meant to be funny and that can be quite distracting for guys," she says, rather puzzingly. "I’m a very smiley and giggly person and sometimes that can be distracting for men so it could have an impact and give me an advantage."

If you say so...

Sam's ex-boyfriend is Love Island star Dom Lever who she dated for four and a half years before he went on the ITV2 series. "Although we'd broken up, we were supposedly on good terms and were still speaking a few months before he went into the villa.

"To be honest it was a blessing in disguise. If it took him and Jess six weeks to get engaged, then a quick wedding is going to happen isn’t it… She’ll be popping out a kid next in about five weeks so, good luck to them! I’m here as an independent woman, I just can’t wait to walk in looking smoking hot!"

Presumably no one's told Sam about their swimwear-clad Valentine's Day wedding on Good Morning Britain, then...

Unsurprisingly, Sam reckons women are the stronger sex. "Not only do we go through things and discuss things delicately and gracefully, we also manage to remember key facts which men don't remember and tend to forget. Guys can sometimes say women overthink but we do actually remember and think about the right things. The overthinking we do always makes us come out stronger and on top."

Although when it comes to doing any thinking about numbers, Sam says she'll come up short. "I'm more creative, I'm very hands on and I'm better at English. Maths is a weak point for me at school."


Survival of the fittest continues on Friday at 9pm on ITV2.


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