Martin Clunes went on Good Morning Britain in his pyjamas – and viewers are loving it

The Doc Martin star is being hailed as the king of lockdown telly

Screenshot, Good Morning Britain (ITV)

Piers Morgan was left in hysterics this morning when actor Martin Clunes appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain dressed in his pyjamas.


Clunes had appeared on the show to talk about his plans to host the world’s largest virtual tea party this afternoon (21st April) in aid of charity – but viewers found themselves distracted by his fetching striped pjs.

“One question I have to ask is – some viewers are asking, are you wearing your pyjamas?,” Morgan said near the end of the segment.

“Yeah,” said Clunes, prompting Morgan to burst out laughing.

“Did you forget you are on national television, or is it a statement of intent?” Morgan said, to which Clunes jokingly replied that, being at home, he had “no access to the make-up” that he “so desperately need[s]”.

Viewers took to social media to praise Clune’s appearance as an “amazing” example of lockdown telly.

“Martin Clunes forgetting his morning meeting on and scrambling to join in his pj’s is literally me every day in lockdown. Has made my day,” one fan tweeted.

“I’ve always aspired to be like Martin Clunes, but coming on in his jammies is the ultimate boss move,” Alex Dunnett posted.

TV presenter Alex Bresford also praised the Doc Martin star’s sense of fashion: “No one wears pyjamas like Martin Clunes!”

All hail Martin Clunes – king of lockdown telly.


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