Man v. Food’s Adam Richman challenges Brits to become BBQ champs in new ITV contest

The US food presenter is hosting a competition to find "Britain’s untapped BBQ talent" this summer

Forget sewing machines and cake tins, Britain’s BBQs are about to get a prime spot in the schedules – charred sausages, inconvenient rain showers, joke aprons and all. 


A new ITV contest hosted by Man v. Food star Alan Richman aims to find Britain’s best barbecuer.

BBQ Champ will air this summer and see contenders face a number of challenges, like creating BBQ masterpieces (towers made out of kebabs and Daleks crafted out of grilled haloumi like the Bake Off’s showstoppers, we hope), reinventing culinary classics for the grill (Scotch Eggs burgers? Yorkshire Pudding sausages?) and cooking for large groups of hungry people – all while trying to keep the coals from going out when our Great British summer turns soggy. 

Richman, who found fame eating enormous amounts of anything and everything in the name of entertainment, will then judge the contestants’ dishes before sending one home each week with the help of other yet-to-be-announced BBQ experts. 

“As an American who has come to truly love the UK, I’m overjoyed to see the UK embracing BBQ. Not just eating ‘cue, but crafting it, creating it and pushing themselves to make the best and be the best,” said Richman. 

ITV’s commissioning editor, Kate Maddigan added: “We’re delighted to welcome Adam to the channel.  He’s perfectly placed to discover Britain’s untapped BBQ talent and we look forward to a really great competition.”

You might think a competition to find this country’s top tea brewer or bacon sandwich server might be a better fit, but it seems we Brits are experts in outdoor grub too, with 125 million barbecues held in the UK last year alone. 


BBQ Champ will air on ITV this summer 

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