Maisie Williams finds out she’s sitting near Piers Morgan at NTAs, adds him to the ‘Kill List’

The Game of Thrones and Doctor Who star plans for the Good Morning Britain host


Maisie Williams was super excited about going to one of the biggest TV award ceremonies of the year – until she found out who she was sitting next to.


The actor is presenting a gong at this year’s National Television Awards, and will also be in the running herself, in the International category with Game of Thrones and the Drama category with Doctor Who.

But guess who’s behind her in the audience? Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan. Joy.

At least Williams is taking the news in her stride. In fact, she has a plan for how to deal with Morgan should he step out of line.

In case you were wondering, ‘Needle’ is not just any pin prick: it’s the small but deadly sword her character Arya Stark carries in Game of Thrones.

Time to add Piers to that ‘Kill list’, Arya?


Watch the 2016 National Television Awards this Wednesday 20th January from 7:30pm on ITV.