Made in Chelsea series 7: Meet new cast members Emma and Riley

Canadian-born Riley and international model Emma will join the Sloaney gang for the current seventh series showing on E4

Made in Chelsea has added two glamorous ladies to its cast… 


Introducing Emma and Riley. Now, for readers of certain gossip sites, the former will already be familiar. Emma Miller has spent plenty of time recently on the arm of Chelsea lothario Spencer Matthews, with the pair splashing their new friendship/relationship all over Twitter:

Described as an international model and jet-setter, Emma grew up in Devon before moving to the big city to study history at Kings College in London. Since then she has fronted advertising campaigns for the likes of Levi’s and L’Oreal, splitting her time between Chelsea’s Cadogan Gardens, New York and St Barths with our very own Spenny.

The trail for next week’s episode offered a glimpse into the pair’s colourful past, with Emma seen telling assorted cast members (including Spencer’s exes Louise and Lucy) “There’s two girls in his life that have known him too well – Caggie Dunlop, and me.”

Joining Emma is Canadian-born Riley – a bonafide Londoner since moving here at the tender age of two. Her full name is still being kept closely under wraps but a spot of internet research suggests she could be Riley Uggla – a young fashion student whose Twitter and Instagram feeds show her looking pretty pally with members of the MIC cast. 

With a dad who’s CEO of a prestigious financial services company and a mum who’s just given up running her own head-hunting firm to devote more time to charity, Riley more than fits the MIC model. She lives at home in London studying fashion but when it all gets a bit too much she has houses in Verbier and the Caribbean to jet away to. It’s a tough life, isn’t it…

Series seven of Made in Chelsea continues next Monday at 10:00pm on E4