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Made in Chelsea series 7: Has Alex Mytton been cheating on Binky Felstead?

Cheska, Fran and Lucy continue to investigate rumours of infidelity during tonight's episode of the E4 reality show...

Published: Monday, 14th April 2014 at 10:01 pm

Is anyone else bored of this storyline? After weeks - well, two - of swirling rumours, we STILL don't know if Alex Mytton cheated on his girlfriend, Binky Felstead. Although, after the trail for next week's episode, it looks like the chatter surrounding his infidelity is about to come to a head. 


While last week concluded with Alex (finally) uttering three little words - "I love you" - to his girlfriend, tonight's episode began with Jamie announcing to Spencer, "That screams guilt". (Agreed, but as if Mr Laing is in a position to start dishing out judgement on relationships.)

Everyone still has an opinion on the gossip that Alex has been playing away from home. Cheska continued to don her "sympathetic friend face" while discussing the rumours at length with just about anyone who would listen - Stevie, Lucy, Fran, Binky... And we couldn't help but feel for poor Binks as yet another one of her friends reduced her to tears with more speculative gossip.

But, while Binky was drying her eyes, Alex was telling everyone how fed up he was - it begs the question, is his frustration a clever ruse to conceal his womanising ways?

For most of the episode, his denials just about cut it but during the closing moments of tonight's episode, Cheska (who else?) received a text from an anonymous sender containing the ominous words: "Hey babe, I found out some news about Alex you need to hear." Uh-oh.

It looks like Alex's number might just be up, especially as we see Cheska peddling her new-found knowledge about town in the trail for next week. It looks like we're about to get plenty more waterworks from Binky...

Made in Chelsea continues next Monday at 10:00pm on E4



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