Made in Chelsea series 6: Spencer Matthews – “I’m trying to be nicer”

The slimy Sloane on why the extra pounds and greasy locks are a thing of the past - and his future plans to marry Caggie Dunlop

The words “Spencer Matthews” and “bad boy” have become synonymous after a series of broken romances and cheating scandals left a string of weeping ladies (ok, Louise) trailing in his wake. But for series six of Made in Chelsea, the former city broker is turning over a new leaf: no more Mr Nasty. Or so he says… 


“I came into this series knowing it was going to be better for me than last series,” he announced. “I think that was the deepest, darkest part of my character revealed so I am making a conscious effort to be nicer this series. I’m doing ok… I’m trying to stay out of trouble as much as possible. There’s no one currently on the show who’s a prominent cast member that I’m interested in so I’ll be single for a while, I think.”

And it sounds like his approach to women isn’t the only thing he’s looking to remedy this series. As demonstrated in the above picture, the man formerly known as “Puggy” has developed some cheekbones to go with his stylish stubble. So has he been counting his calories? 

“I was so fat. I’m amazed my mates didn’t tell me. Weight creeps on to me – I’m never really aware when I’m getting fat again because I don’t weigh myself regularly, so one day I’ll just get out of bed and look in the mirror and I’m f**king fat again. Literally, it happens so gradually.”

The greased back locks are also a thing of the (distant) past, although no thanks to his Sloaney pals. “Someone should have the foresight to tell you. Someone should say, ‘Mate, your hair looks absurd’. At the time it was not good. It was horrendous.”

And while his romance with Lucy came to an explosive end, and a much publicised fling with The Hills star Stephanie Pratt fizzled out – “she’s one of the loveliest girls I’ve ever met” – Spenny still has a thing for one special lady…

Yup, Miss Caggie Dunlop is still the apple of his eye. Despite a mammoth effort on Spencer’s part, the pair’s relationship never ignited on the show, but does he still harbour hopes of getting her up the aisle one day in the future? “She doesn’t have a say in it. It’s happening.” Right then. 

Series six of Made in Chelsea begins tonight at 10pm on E4


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