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Love Island’s Zoe and Jordan talk church, dads and blue spiders

Turns out, I misunderstood what the blue spider was and needed Jordan aka 'the Hulk' and Zoe to put me straight…

Published: Friday, 10th July 2015 at 1:30 pm

Love Island couple Jordan and Zoe were kicked out of the villa last night, which gave me an opportunity to clear up a little issue: what was the blue spider?


It became code in the villa for couples nipping off the have some ‘alone time’, whether that was in one of the separate rooms or in the safety of the camera-free bathroom. But I had actually thought tattooed Jordan had a blue spider inked around his unmentionable area, hence the reason for calling Zoe in to help him out with it, which the pair found frankly hilarious.

“Oh, no. No! It’s not actually,” Jordan laughed as Zoe squealed, “What are you thinking?!”

“I might have to get a blue spider tattooed on me now,” Jordan chuckled sticking to the original story that Zoe was simply helping him get rid of an unwelcome eight-legged visitor. I’d say I’ve heard that one before, but I actually haven’t. 

“I’m actually petrified of spiders,” Jordan - dubbed 'the Hulk' - laughed. “When you see a blue one, you know, they’re freaky things so I needed Zoe’s help to take him down…”

Anyway, thanks to the fact that the islanders aren’t shy of having a good old chat about what actually goes on when the lights go out, we know what really went down and just how upset Zoe has been about her dad watching. But it turns out she had nothing to worry about.

“My dad has been an utter babe since I came out. He completely understands and he watched my relationship with Jordan grow. He honestly was so sweet about it. I feel like a bit of an idiot for worrying so much, but it’s natural. Bless him. I think he was more worried that I was being so worried.”

And Zoe’s ready and raring to get to church on Sunday.

“I cannot wait to go to Church on Sunday,” she enthused. “It’s been six weeks – that’s the longest it’s been in like two years – I’m buzzing for church.”

Of whether she’ll walk in with her head held high, Zoe affirmed: “I stand by everything I did in there. People in church are the least judgemental people, so I think they’re going to understand the position I was in. I don’t think they’re going to judge me at all. I’m really excited to see everyone; they’re like my best mates.”

So, now free of the confines of the villa, how are the logistics of this relationship going to work given Jordan’s from Gloucestershire and Zoe’s from London?

“A lot of train journeys…” 


Love Island continues Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV2


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