Love Island’s Kady had a jealous mini meltdown and Twitter was surprisingly sympathetic

The brunette was positively bristling with anger when co-star Tina sent her packing


All’s fair in Love Island war – especially when it comes to losing your cool because some new girl is trying to steal the guy you’re not even that into.


That’s what Kady McDermott learned during last night’s show, when newcomers Liana Isadora and Tina Stinnes decided to send herself and Scott Thomas on a day-long break.

A furious Kady, who had already said there’d be war if the new lasses so much as spoke to her partner, was not having any of it.

“No I ain’t playing it. No I ain’t doing it. I’m out. I’m not doing this,” Kady exclaimed.

“Tell Tina, say Kady says you’re a sneaky b***h. In here girls tell each other if you like the man. That’s not how it works in here” she told Scott. “And say there will be fireworks when she’s back.”

Kady and Olivia (who was also banished for the day) spent time together alone in the hideaway, where Scott’s scorned other half continued ranting about Tina while sporting a particularly amusing facemask.

Of course a few tweeters immediately made fun of her outbursts.

But others were surprisingly sympathetic.


The sisterhood has spoken, now roll on next episode – we do love a good fireworks display, after all.