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Love Island 2015: meet Jordan Ring

As the oldest contestant, Jordan jokes the other islanders may seek love advice from the “wise old owl on his perch” and says he’ll be mindful of the cameras: “my nan’s watching!”

Published: Sunday, 7th June 2015 at 6:31 am

Name: Jordan Ring


Age: 31

Day job: Groundsman in a family hotel and restaurant in Gloucestershire

Interesting fact: Jordan has ‘just chilling’ tattooed across the bottom of his feet. 

Why Love Island? “I’m recently single and I used to watch it when it was the celeb version, it looked quite laid back compared to other shows.

“I’m going in with no expectations. I’m not going to be gutted if there’s no one in there that I like, I’m still going to have a great time.”

Is this a rebound? “It’s definitely not a rebound. I made the decision [to end the relationship] but I’m not looking back. I didn’t see a future with her. Obviously it's still going to be hard. When I broke up with her I wanted to go cold turkey. I think that was the best option. It’s going to be in the back of my mind [that she might be watching], I’m going to take it into consideration. I don’t want to hurt the girl – she had a heart of gold.”

What if things get steamy in the house? “Oh god, I’m not going to be sleeping with anyone. I’ve been brought up better than that. In front of six million people, no chance! And my nan’s watching! I wouldn’t say no to a kiss and a cuddle. Hopefully I do forget about the cameras, but not that much!” 

Who’s your celeb crush? “Megan Fox, Christina Milian, Beyoncé… oh no, she’s taken. Wait, are they all taken?” 

Ideal girl? “I do like the alternative girl, piercings and tattoos. They don’t have to have that, but it catches the eye. Dark hair, dark skin, tattoos, piercings; kind of like the female version of me, but smaller, girlier, sexier…”

Are you worried about being older than other contestants? “I think it will do me a favour if I’m older. They’re going be young and immature and a bit unwise of situations. Hopefully I have a bit of experience to get through stuff. 

“The others might come and see the wise old owl on the perch [for advice]. I’d be happy to give it, doesn’t mean it’ll be good advice.”

What’s your ideal type of date? “I can’t stand sitting across a dinner table making general chit chat. It’s so formal and uncomfortable. I’d rather go to the pub and play darts, play pool – she could meet my friends, I could meet hers. I mean, obviously I could say ‘to the waterfalls of a tropical island’, but the local pub’s fine.”

What puts you off? “I don’t like game playing and attention seeking. If they start playing games with me they’ll be playing on their own.”

Are you excited to meet Caroline Flack? “Yeah, I’ve got to pass on a message to Caroline that my mum voted for her [on Strictly]. I don’t think my mum knows what I’ve got myself into. Probably for the best.”


Love Island starts Sunday 7th June on ITV2


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