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Love Island 2015: meet Jessica Hayes

Glamour model Jessica was only meant to appear in the show's test run, but impressed show bosses so much she’s been swapped into the main series

Published: Saturday, 6th June 2015 at 8:00 am

Name: Jessica Hayes


Age: 22

Day job: Glamour model from Gloucestershire. Her shoots include Zoo, the Daily Star and the Daily Sport.

Interesting fact: Jessica was only meant to be in the villa for a couple of days as a dry run contestant while the production team tested out the format, however she impressed show bosses so much they swapped her into the main series

Why Love Island? “I’ve been single for a while now, met the wrong guys really. I go for players who go behind my back. That’s why I’m here, to hopefully find someone who isn’t like that, who I connect with.”

Ideal man: “Tall, dark, athletic build and a nice smile. Bit cheeky, but a gentleman at the same time, which I think is quite hard to find. I like a guy that’s funny, so if you’ve got good banter, that wins me over.”

Perfect date: “Something quite chilled, maybe on a beach bed. Cocktails, music. I’d like to get to know them and chat."

Worst date: “Someone who had no chat and was really boring. Someone who sat there and didn’t have anything to say.”

On love rivals: “I don’t think I’d take a back seat. Sometimes you’ve got to go for what you want.”

On living with a big group of contestants: “I hope they’re all lovely. There’s bound to be some difficult people in there. Girls get jealous, girls get bitchy… I’m quite laid back. I get on with guys really well. I’ll say what I have to say, if someone’s nasty I won’t sit there crying in the corner, but I won’t cause any s**t.” 

On getting steamy in the villa: “We’re all humans, we all have feelings. I’m not going to shy away if I want to kiss someone because if I like them then I will. If I want to do things with them then I will. It all just depends. Go with what happens and how you feel.”

Being on TV: “Everyone I know or have known will probably see me. I quite like the idea of that, especially those that have hurt me.”


Love Island starts on Sunday 7th June on ITV2


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