When is Love in the Countryside on TV? Who is the host? Who are the daters? Is there a trailer?

The BBC’s rather genteel answer to Love Island returns for a second series

Sara Cox, Love in the Countryside (BBC)

If you look through TV schedules, there’s no shortage of dating shows to cosy up to.


There’s the brash and hugely popular (Love Island), there’s the tear-jerking (First Dates), and then there’s the downright eye-watering (Naked Attraction).

However, there’s nothing out there which is quite as snuggly and heart-warming as Love in the Countryside – based on Country Living magazine’s online dating service (the fantastically named Country Loving), the show seeks to find the needle in the haystack for rural daters.

Launching to a fairly modest audience, Love in the Countryside grew a cult following thanks to its simpler, more understated and frankly more old-fashioned approached to dating.

Here’s everything you need to know about the second series of Love in the Countryside…

When is Love in the Countryside on TV?

While no official date has been confirmed, Love in the Countryside is set to return to BBC 2 later this Autumn. Keep checking back here for updates.

Who is the host of Love in the Countryside?

Sara Cox

The perpetually busy Sara Cox will return to front our next outing in the countryside. It may seem like a tenuous link, but Cox’s father used to be a beef farmer – so she knows a thing or two about finding love away from the big city cattle market.

Who are our daters?


Ioan Love in the Countryside (BBC)

Age: 28
Occupation: Sheep Farmer
Hobbies and interests: Loves dogs
Lives: Wales

Ioan is looking for a trustworthy girlfriend, who isn’t afraid of getting their hands dirty – a given, really, should they move to a farm.


Katy Love in the Countryside (BBC)

Age: 57
Occupation: Sheepdog trainer
Hobbies and interests: Travelling & eating out
Lives: Cumbria

Having been single for 16 years and admitting to “choosing dogs over men”, Katy is now looking to find “a big man with a big heart”.


Martin, Love in the Countryside (BBC)

Age: 43
Occupation: Dairy Farmer
Hobbies and interests: Country walks with his two welsh sheepdogs
Lives: Doncaster

Martin is looking for an intellectual woman who he can share his life with, as well as start a family so his children can inherit the family farm one day in the future.


David, Love in the Countryside (BBC)

Age: 35
Occupation: Dairy Farmer
Hobbies and interests: Singing and socialising with friends
Lives: Cumbria

David is looking for Mr Right, and wants someone who will become part of his close-knit family.


Victoria, Love in the Countryside (BBC)

Age: 35
Occupation: Equine dental technician
Hobbies and interests: Horse riding, baking and going on holiday
Lives: Somerset

Victoria is looking for a man who is a snappy dresser, but also traditional, chivalrous, kind and funny as she’s struggled to find a partner in the small pool of local men.


Grace, Love in the Countryside (BBC)

Age: 23
Occupation: Dairy and sheep farmer between Shropshire and Wales
Hobbies and interests: Socialising
Lives: The Wales and Shropshire border

Grace is hoping to find a partner to help her as she takes over the family farm once her father retires and is hoping she’ll find someone charismatic.

Is there a trailer?

Catch a first glimpse of our daters in action below…


Love in the Countryside series two launches later this year on BBC 2