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Fred Sirieux's "adorable" dad paid a visit to the First Dates restaurant

Viewers couldn't get enough of Monsieur Sirieux Senior and his incredible moustache

First Dates Fred Sirieix
Published: Tuesday, 6th November 2018 at 12:54 pm

Like father, like son.


The nation's favourite Maître d’hôtel, Fred Sirieux, is probably best known as First Dates' unofficial cupid. But it turns out that Fred owes much of his charm and strong facial hair-game to his dad — or should we say, Papa — who made a guest appearance on the Channel 4 series.

Sporting the most incredible curled moustache, Monsieur Sirieux Senior paid his son a visit at work — to the delight of First Dates waitresses Cici Coleman and Laura Trott.

Fred's dad doesn't speak any English — although according to his son, he could charm anyone regardless.

"There are many types of love that we can experience," Fred says during the episode, "but perhaps the most important of all is a love of family."

And it seems viewers couldn't get enough of Monsieur Siriex. "Fred's Papa is the cutest! That moustache!," one viewer wrote on Twitter.

"I think Cici Coleman and Laura Tott are taking a fancy to Fred's dad... they've got a point though," another viewer observed.

"When I get older I want to be as smooth as Fred Sirieix's father Claude," another viewer wrote on Twitter.


Fingers crossed Channel 4 brings him back for more!


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