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Lorraine Kelly: I never worry I'll be replaced – daytime TV is different

Viewers like the familiarity of someone they know, says the ITV presenter

Published: Monday, 11th May 2015 at 8:00 pm

The TV world can be cutthroat, but daytime host Lorraine Kelly says she has no fears of being passed over for a younger presenter.


“I think daytime TV is different,” she tells the latest edition of Radio Times magazine. “Viewers like that familiarity of someone they know, and I’ve lasted thirty years.”

The TV presenter – who hosts The Lorraine High Street Fashion Awards next week – adds that high-street shops are doing more than before to provide clothes for a range of women. "They're a lot better when it comes to plus sizes, maternity wear and, particularly, more mature women. 

"They've realised that there are lots of women aged 50 and over who still look good and want to dress reasonably fashionably."

Kelly – who has hosted her daytime show Lorraine since 2010 – also lists Meryl Streep as one of her favourite interviewees. “She had no entourage, nothing. She just sat down, asked if she had croissant crumbs around her mouth. And she’d had no work done to her face, you could tell. We all have a few crow’s feet but she looked incredible. She’s a class act.”

And when it comes to looking good herself, Kelly says “diets don’t work for a start”.


“I walk everywhere, have an incredible fitness instructor and do zumba, which is basically like going to a nightclub without the booze.”

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