Lord Sugar and Gary Lineker pay thousands to shut Piers Morgan up for 24 hours

The Good Morning Britain host is willing to be silenced – here's how to make it happen...


He’s known for having opinions and not being afraid to express them but now Piers Morgan is offering to do what so many people apparently wish he would – shut up.


The Good Morning Britain host is willing to keep his mouth zipped for a whole 24 hours in aid of Comic Relief, and it’s you, the viewing public, who have the power to silence him with your sponsorship.

“In support of Red Nose Day, I have begrudgingly agreed to stop tweeting, writing, broadcasting and just generally running off at the mouth for 24 whole hours. As you can imagine, this doesn’t come naturally and I anticipate some relentless taunting (I’m looking at you, Gary Lineker…)” Morgan writes on his official JustGiving page.

“If the British public raises £50,000, I will shut up to an even greater degree… by wearing a Spurs shirt” he adds.

“So if you would like to see me suffer a great humiliation for a great cause, sponsor me now.”

Lineker has already taken the bate…

And Lord Sugar – who Mmorgan regularly spats with – has called it the “bargain of the century”.

Even Holly Willoughby has forked out to banish the GMB host:


So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve always wanted to silence Mr Morgan – or seek revenge for his Premier League tweets – you’d best get giving.