Let’s get the mums on MasterChef

“It’s one of my mum’s recipes” is fast becoming a MasterChef catchphrase, so can we have them on the show? Emma Daly calls for MasterChef: The Mums...

MasterChef needs a switch-up, I’ve decided. Forget the contestants, get their mums on the show.


Week in week out, aspiring chefs are asked what they’re cooking, and a recurring theme is that it’s one of their mum’s recipes.

“It’s one of my mum’s favourite recipes”, “My mum will be watching at home, making sure I’m doing it right,” or “My mum taught me this…” are becoming common phrases among the chopping, steaming and… hang on, I’ll just ask my mum what else you do in the kitchen.

If judges John Torode or Gregg Wallace asked them to cook one of their own recipes what would they come up with? Pasta and a bit of pesto from a jar perhaps?

It’s obviously a lovely thing, to learn from your family. Cooking with your parents should be encouraged. It is after all a vital skill in life and all the better if you can whip up a lapsang souchong-infused saddle of venison with root vegetables and smoked pancetta sauce rather than eat scrambled egg every night.

But if we got the mums in it would really heat the contest up. MasterChef: The Mums, if you will. It’d be recipes at dawn as they all dazzled with their original concoctions, plonking John and Gregg on the naughty step if they criticised their techniques.

Of course, many of these mums will have learnt their techniques from their own mums. But I’m taking these contestants at their word. They say they learnt it from their mum, and I want to see them whack on their chef whites and show us how it’s done.

There’d be none of this dessert fifteen minutes after mains either. Those former contestants who come back to taste their food would be made to blooming well finish their dinner before they got near the pudding.

Come on, let’s shove the Luke Skywalkers out and get the Yodas in and see who really is the master of the chefs.