Last night’s Antiques Roadshow was all kinds of creepy

Weird dolls, odd antiques – viewers were seriously freaked out by last night's Antiques Roadshow


Sunday night. Weekend done. Time to sit back, turn on the box and — THERE’S A SATANIC DOLL’S HEAD ON ANTIQUES ROADSHOW WHAT IS HAPPENING?


Yes, last night, viewers who switched over to BBC1’s Antiques Roadshow inadvertently opened a portal into the seventh circle of hell, hosted by the lovely Fiona Bruce.

The true horrors of the show became clear as a pair of Victorian knitting dolls appeared on screen.

So far, so utterly terrifying. But that was only the start. Soon viewers noticed a man in the background. OF EVERY SHOT.

Some say if you held your TV up to a mirror then he’d disappear.

And then the man/minion of the anti-christ summoned a demonic eagle/white parrot to join him to spy on the foreground.


You can catch Antiques Roadshow on BBC1, 8pm next Sunday. Bring holy water.