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Meet the cast of Kiss Me First

Find out more about all the actors and their characters in the new Channel 4 sci-fi thriller

Published: Monday, 9th April 2018 at 5:30 pm

Kiss Me First is a new Channel 4 thriller from the creator of Skins that combines live action with computer-generated virtual world sequences.


Based on Lottie Moggach's 2013 novel, Kiss Me First follows Leila who, when playing a computer game, stumbles across a secret paradise called Red Pill.

Once there, she meets the intriguing Tess who also shows up in her real life and changes it forever.

But when someone in Red Pill mysteriously disappears, Leila begins to suspect that maybe the hidden place isn't exactly the digital utopia that its creator Adrian claims it to be.

Meet the full cast below…

Tallulah Haddon as Leila/Shadowfax

Tallulah Haddon as Leila, Kiss Me First (Channel 4, EH)

Leila’s real life is lonely now her mother has died, but the virtual reality game Azana promises excitement. She stumbles across a hidden group of players in a corner of the virtual world called Red Pill, who transform her life. Her avatar name is Shadowfax.

Where do I recognise Tallulah Haddon from?

Haddon is best known for playing a prostitute called Pearl in Taboo, and disturbed teen Harriet in The Living and the Dead.

Simona Brown as Tess/Mania

Simona Brown as Tess, Kiss Me First (Channel 4, EH)

Tess is hedonistic and impulsive – everything that Leila is not. She goes to Red Pill to escape her real-life troubles and swim. Her avatar name is Mania.

Where do I recognise Simona Brown from?

Brown has appeared in series including The Night Manager, Guilt and Him. She is also set to star in forthcoming drama The Little Drummer Girl, a new TV adaptation of the John Le Carré novel.

Matthew Aubrey as Jonty

Kiss Me First: Episode 1 - Matthew Aubrey as Jonty.

Jonty moves into Leila’s flat because he needs a cheap place to live. Goofy and Welsh, he is also an aspiring actor. He wonders who Leila is always speaking to in her room.

Where do I recognise Matthew Aubrey from?

You might have seen Aubrey in Privates, The Indian Doctor, The Passing Bells or Bang. He’s also had small roles in Black Mirror and Mum.

Matthew Beard as Adrian

Avatar Adrian in Kiss Me First (Channel 4, HF)

The leader of Red Pill, Adrian is mysterious and powerful. He created the secret paradise to hide a select group of Azana members who only he can allow to join.

Where do I recognise Matthew Beard from?

Beard appeared as Arthur Potts in the comedy Decline and Fall, but has also starred in the movies The Imitation Game, One Day and An Education.

George Jovanovic as Cyryl/Calumny

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 16.11.11

Cyryl has an awful, violent home life. His avatar name is Calumny.

Where do I recognise George Jovanovic from?

Jovanovic has had one TV role before this, having appeared in an episode of Doctors.

Haruka Abe as Tippi

Haruka Abe as Tippi in Kiss Me First (Channel 4, HF)

Tippi is protective of Red Pill and when Shadowfax arrives unannounced she wants Adrian to evict her. As we will discover, Tippi is prepared to do anything to protect her paradise.

Where do I recognise Haruka Abe from?

Abe has appeared in the Jonny Vegas series Ideal, as well as Cuffs and Zapped.

Freddie Stewart as Force

Force enjoys Red Pill because he met the love of his life there, Jocasta. He has a plan to leave his rubbish real life behind and go to London to be with his girl.

Where do I recognise Freddie Stewart from?

You might have seen Stewart briefly appear in Holby City, Girlfriends and US series The Alienist.

Misha Butler as Jocasta

Jocasta is warm and welcoming to Leila/Shadowfax from the beginning. She likes Red Pill because it gives her the opportunity to hang out with people who understand what it’s like to be different.

Where do I recognise Misha Butler from?

Butler has briefly appeared in Casualty and Doctors.


Kiss Me First airs on Channel 4 on Mondays at 10pm


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