Right, we've kept up with the Kardashians for long enough now, haven't we? It's time for a new family to take over our reality show viewing schedule and that family should be the Murrays. Yes, the Murrays. As in tennis player Andy Murray and his family. I'm talking year round coverage here, Wimbledon and beyond. Stay with me, I have my reasons...


The social media banter

What reality show family would be complete without a bit of online banter? The Murrays are already up to scratch, as demonstrated this weekend. Mum Judy kicked things off by posting a picture describing Andy as her ‘Special One’, which was not missed by younger brother Jamie. Cue brotherly banter about who is actually the more important son.

Judy’s done Strictly

Reality show stars never just stick to their own show. That wouldn’t be enough. They’ve got to spread their reality show wings. Whether that’s sitting in a house, eating kangaroo bits or dancing. Luckily, Judy’s got the ball rolling with a stint on Strictly Come Dancing last year. Bonus: this led to even more social media banter among the family as Jamie failed to hide his embarrassment.

To sticking up for each other when rumours start circulating:

FYI, NOBODY IS GETTING MARRIED. His tweets need a sarcasm disclaimer. In more important news, we did this today: pic.twitter.com/b3cETIQF64

— Maggie May (@maggiemay_hem) January 29, 2014

To timely sarcastic thoughts

Better late than never I guess. #sportspupoftheyear #SPOTY pic.twitter.com/cIWBmIWfwf

— Maggie May (@maggiemay_hem) January 8, 2014

A lot of people already think Andy’s a film star, so a big-screen version could be a big hitter

Maybe the Murrays could go the whole hog and have their own film. Plenty of people seem to get Andy Murray and Andrew Garfield confused, so he's a ready-made leading man...

Andy has an interest in fashion

The sartorial choices of reality show stars often hit the headlines. While Andy’s usually to be found in his tennis kit, he’s no stranger to big-name fashion shows and isn’t afraid to make a joke here and there about others’ efforts.

More like this

At times there’s even a family uniform

The family has banter with their famous chums

You've got to have plenty of famous friends when you're a reality show star. It's important for image, name-dropping, good party invites... It's also a chance to be the cooler than other celebs. Here’s Andy poking fun at fellow tennis player Rafael Nadal, who apparently isn’t quite as calm around birds as he is on a tennis court.

The Murrays can laugh at themselves

Increase the number of cameras, increase the number of people who'll have things to say about you. This calls for a good sense of humour and an ability to not take things too seriously. Double tick for the Murrays.


Can someone get on this, please?