EastEnders star Jonny Labey and his girlfriend Chrissy Brooke have topped the Dance Dance Dance leader board every week so far – but instead of becoming complacent, the duo have upped their game to an entirely new level.


With their performance of Britney Spears' hit music video Me Against The Music ft. Madonna (and yes, Jonny embraced the role of Queen of Pop), they earned the first 30 of the series.

In fact, with Jonny's solo gaining a 29.5 and Chrissy's gaining another 30, the couple were only half a point away from a completely perfect score. There's always the final, right?

Here's what the judges said:

Duo: Britney Spears, Me Against The Music ft. Madonna

Ashley Banjo was lost for words.

"Ble-bleurg, blem-blem-bleurgh," he began. "No I'm joking, my brain's scrambled, it's hard for me to get together my words... Let's start with Jonny. You are on FIRE, and when I think you can't get any better, week on week on week you just prove me wrong and you bring it to the stage every single time.

"And Chrissy... you worked that performance. You were absolutely electric. I cannot fault that performance."

Timor Steffens added: "There were moments when you guys were levelling with the dancers to a degree where I didn't even see the difference any more."

Jonny's solo: Michael Jackson, Smooth Criminal

Tina Landon, who actually appeared in the video, said she'd been a little worried about whether Jonny could really channel MJ.

"It was the first of its kind, right? No one had seen anything like this at all," she said. "And I have to tell you Jonny, you are the reason that in this competition the level is so high... You oozed all over this tonight, and I'm going to proudly give you a ten."

Timor also awarded Jonny a ten, telling him: "I have never seen someone execute that number as good as you just did. You're floating through the stage just like Michael does."

But Ashley did manage to find something to critique, robbing Jonny of his perfect score.

"The one negative I have is that because you want this so bad, that kind of drive overtook it sometimes," he explained. "You hit everything so hard, and so it wasn't perfection, but it was definitely a 9.5."

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Chrissy's solo: Sia, Chandelier

Ashley gushed: "Chrissy, I don't have enough superlatives to describe how good that was. Right there, you just elevated the level of the competition to a completely new place."

Tina added: "That brought tears to my eyes... if I could give you 100 I would, but I can only give you a 10 so I will."

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The Dance Dance Dance final airs at 6.30pm next Sunday on ITV