Joel Dommett gets steaming drunk and tells the story of the Dam Busters – with help from Chris O’Dowd

Don't take notes: the I'm A Celebrity star's tale of the famous raid probably won't help you pass any history classes


Comedian and I’m A Celebrity star Joel Dommett has made a valiant effort to tell the history of the Dam Busters – while under the influence of a pint of cider, four snakebites, a bottle of WKD, a Jägerbomb and a whole bottle of champagne.


Instead of passing out and going to bed, Dommett instead narrated the story of the famous attack on German dams in World War Two, which used a special “bouncing bomb” developed by Barnes Wallis (here portrayed by the IT Crowd’s Chris O’Dowd).

The clip also features a special appearance from Alexander Armstrong, looking intrigued as Wallis delivers his slurring instructions to his pilots.

Later in the series we will get to see appearances from Michelle Keegan, Russell Kane, Stephen Mangan, Charlotte Crosby and Miles Jupp, who will get wasted and regale us with the historically inaccurate tales of Henry V, Isaac Newton, Emmeline Pankhurst and Shakespeare. Cheers.


The new series of Drunk History airs on Wednesday 8th March at 10pm on Comedy Central UK