When it comes to managing mischief there's no better woman than JK Rowling and her latest surprise stunt certainly proves it.

Anyone who follows the author on Twitter may have spotted her having a rather amusing little chat with the Orkney Library (located on the Scottish island of Orkney, just FYI) during the week.

Rowling spotted an event they were hosting, during which they'd be discussing The Cuckoo's Calling – her crime novel, written under her now rather well-known pen name, Robert Galbraith.

The Saturday Slaughters club were gathering together to give their thoughts on the novel, and Rowling – who lives in Scotland – was rather intrigued.

Noting her interest in attending, Orkney Library decided to strike (Cormoran Strike pun totally intended) while the iron was hot.

And Rowling was more than willing to play ball.

But the library wasn't giving up that easily, and had a secret weapon in its arsenal.

Rowling was listening.

And the library upped the stakes...

Tea and coffee came into the equation.

By Saturday morning, Orkney Library was fully committed to tempting the author in.

And it seems as though the treats and offers of tea did the trick, because Rowling ACTUALLY turned up for Saturday Salughters at 2.30pm.

She really seemed to enjoy herself too.

Even if the library was feeling a bit motified about giving her tea in a rather interesting mug.

Oi! JK! We love lemon drizzle here in RadioTimes.com towers too - fancy coming in for a Harry Potter book club chat with us too then, eh?