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Jerry Hall: "So many women are being weak about ageing. I find it annoying"

The 59-year-old former model talks plastic surgery, her Texan childhood with an abusive father and the ups and downs of her relationship with Mick Jagger

Published: Monday, 3rd August 2015 at 8:00 pm

Former model Jerry Hall wishes more people would embrace their mature years. "So many women are being weak about ageing. I find it annoying," she tells the new edition of Radio Times. "It's ridiculous to imagine you can stay young for ever and live for ever. It's taking away from young people. There's a beauty and respect in age. Magazines and media are disrespectful of age."


Hall – who turns 60 next year – says she "hasn't done a single thing to my face," adding that she'd "never in a million years" consider having surgery. 

"You know some women take fat from their bottom and put it in their upper lip?" she laughs. "Then you're kissing their ass!" 

Instead Hall – who shared a 22-year relationship and four children with Rolling Stone Mick Jagger – credits a more natural regime with maintaining her good looks: "I do exercise, I do yoga, I put on face cream. I smoke, I drink, I have fun. Laughing a lot is really good for you, embracing your children's future and embracing your grandchildren, and not having regrets and not being bitter and not being angry."

In a wide-ranging interview covering her Texan childhood with an abusive father ("He was violent to whoever happened to be in the way at the time he blew his top") and her British roots, Hall also elaborates on her relationship with Jagger, which came to an end when he had a baby with Luciana Morad in May 1999. 

"He's very bright, very funny, and we get along. He never annoyed me. Not little things. I mean his actions with other women were pretty bad but that was the only thing that annoyed me. He didn't annoy me day to day."

She adds: "I thought Mick would eventually change, but he didn't... I mean he's Mick Jagger and millions of girls throw themselves at him, and he's in the position where he says yes." 

Does he regret what he did? "Yes, I think so. I think he really loved me. And we love each other now. We actually have a really nice relationship now. All that stuff we managed to put in the past, which is pretty amazing. We don't even bicker or fight any more. Nothing." 

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