The Chasers are known for their impeccable knowledge on, well, everything! With their speed and wit at answering the trickiest questions on the ITV show, you'd be quite surprised to learn that there are some topics they struggle with.


One of the most impressive Chasers is Jenny Ryan, better known as The Vixen, who often finds herself besting the contestants who come up against her on the series. But there a few topics that will almost certainly catch her out.

Speaking exclusively to, Ryan explained that quiz rounds that may include "something visual or audio" can really "challenge" her.

She continued: "But if you ask me anything, the most basic thing for me is, if under pressure you asked me a mental arithmetic question, I will completely panic. No thank you!"

Jenny Ryan, posing with an up do. She is wearing a black dress with a pink leopard print lining.
Jenny Ryan for The Chase. ITV

But, of course, there are plenty of, if not even more, topics that Ryan can absolutely ace.

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"I really love a music round," she told "But [also] pictures, I like. If there was like a pop culture pictures round, identifying people and movies and things. That's something that's really up my street because that's not the usual thing that I'm tested on."

Outside of The Chase, Jenny Ryan is an avid quizzer and even hosts her own podcast with Lucy Porter, in which they discuss all things to do with quizzes – and you could be in with a chance of watching them live this summer!

Warner Hotels and Radio Times are teaming up for Warner Hotels' Radio Times Weekends, with one exciting weekend featuring Ryan and Porter recording a live podcast episode of Fingers on Buzzers with Ken Bruce.

Lucy Porter shared her excitement for having Ken Bruce as part of the recording, telling that it's going to be "lovely" recording with the legendary radio host, and to be quizzing with him also is "amazing".


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