Jamie Laing finally wins over Lucy Watson in Made in Chelsea season finale

It was Christmas in Chelsea and Jamie embarked upon one last-ditch attempt to convince Lucy of his feelings

Christmas is a time of goodwill, is it not? So about time that the planets aligned, Lucy Watson relented and she and Jamie Laing finally got together? Well, the path to true love never does run smoothly…


Tonight’s Made in Chelsea series six finale begun with Jamie being chased through the countryside by hounds, horses and, er, Lucy in a twist on the traditional country hunt that Chelsea-ites no doubt escape the city to embark upon at weekends.

But although he agreed to be pursued (well, sort of) by Lucy, it was soon revealed that he hadn’t spoken to her in ages. In fact, he wouldn’t even look at her as Lucy threw increasingly frustrated looks in his direction throughout the afternoon.

Enter Spencer Matthews with his own version of Christmas goodwill – a brilliantly devised plan to help his ex-girlfriend go shopping for his best friend’s Christmas present. Cunning Lucy was quick to call into question Spenny’s intentions, but he smoothly reassured her, “I’m nice at Christmas.” Errr…

But Lucy was far too wise to fall for any of Mr Matthews’ charms, instead telling Binky, Alex and Stevie how much she missed Jamie before subtly hinting that she might be on the brink of reconsidering her decision not to date him. “Time will tell,” she teased before adding, “I don’t want to talk about.” When does a Made in Chelsea cast member ever not want to talk about it? It was a good thing Alex couldn’t keep his mouth shut as he trotted off to Jamie to inform him of Lucy’s feelings. “I know I love her,” Jamie gushed. Again. “I can’t not have her in my life. I’ve got to have one last go. I’m going to go big,” he declared. It all sounded a bit ominous.

Meanwhile Spenny and Lucy were busy perusing London’s Burlington arcade for Jamie’s pressie when the man himself took a well-timed stroll through the very same venue. Spotting the former couple giggling together, the poor fella just shook his head and walked off, and boy did the boy look peeved during the gang’s decadent Christmas banquet – refusing to catch Lucy’s eye or return Spencer’s festive tidings.

Although, being Chelsea, feelings are never kept under wraps for long and Jamie eventually took the opportunity to ask his best pal about the moment that “made my heart sink”. Spencer was quick to set him straight before announcing, “I’m rooting for you. I can’t believe you actually think when it comes to something you genuinely care about that I would be the person to stand in your way.” Er, Louise, anyone?

With his prize in sight once again, Jamie set off to enact his special surprise while Proudlock informed Lucy to step outside, followed by the entire MIC cast, of course. Sure enough, a horse drawn carriage soon pulled up carrying a grinning Jamie – much to the surprise of his beau.

“I didn’t want to make a scene or anything,” Jamie explained. “It’s Christmas and I believe miracles happen at Christmas and I’d regret it for the rest of my life unless I gave it one last shot. Let me try and win you over one last time.” After both stressing (once again) how much they’d missed each other, Jamie braced himself to hear Lucy’s thoughts.

“I really missed you,” she replied, “ and I know it’s not normal, the amount that I missed you. I know that’s not just friendship and I don’t want to ignore it.”

“I love you literally more than anything,” declared a delighted Jamie before planting a massive smooch on his lady’s lips to the cheers of their MIC audience before riding off into the night. Hurrah!

And if you’re already suffering Made in Chelsea withdrawal symptoms, fear not because the after show party is available to watch next Monday at 10pm on E4.