James Nesbitt stars in new Channel 4 drama Suspect, which starts later this month, and while that series features a seriously intense premise, it seems there's a prospect which scares him more - doing the samba on Strictly Come Dancing.


When speaking with this week's Radio Times magazine about his upcoming drama, Nesbitt was asked whether he would be up for stepping into the Strictly ballroom, and it seems that while he "would love to do it" in theory, there are some sticking points.

Nesbitt said: “My daughters would love me to do that. And I would love to do it, but not for it to be on telly. I am very competitive.

"What was interesting about Suspect, as terrifying as it was, it also brought out the competitor in me. I was working with this incredible array of talent and I was scared into having to try and match them."

Suspect (James Nesbitt and Richard E Grant)
James Nesbitt in Suspect Channel 4

Nesbitt continued: “But the Strictly thing... I’m actually quite shy in a way. I love the Viennese waltz, I love all of that. I love the notion of the discipline of learning. The one that really scares me is the one with the bare chest. The samba or whatever. It must be the Presbyterian in me.”

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So while we can't count Nesbitt out from the ballroom entirely, it seems he won't be throwing his hat in the ring anytime soon.

Suspect is an eight-part series which follows a veteran detective as he interviews people close to his estranged daughter, after she is found dead having taken her own life.

Each episode will take the form of a two-hander, with Nesbitt acting alongside Niamh Algar, Antonia Thomas, Sacha Dhawan, Sam Heughan, Richard E Grant and Anne-Marie Duff.

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Suspect will premiere at 9pm on Sunday 19th June 2022 on Channel 4. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight.