James Corden tests the tech that time forgot in new Channel 4 comedy series

What’s a Walkman? How do you take a selfie on a 35mm camera? Dom Joly, Jimmy Carr and Vic Reeves teach their kids about the "ridiculous relics" from the 20th century

Channel 4 is making a new series taking a glimpse at some of the most iconic – and ridiculous – ‘relics’ from the 20th century.


That’s So Last Century invites celebrities (and some of their children) to dig deep into recent history to uncover the technologies, gadgets and pop culture artefacts that time has (almost) forgotten.

Bringing together the gadgets, games and gizmos of their childhood, a number of well-known faces including Jimmy Carr and James Corden (pictured) will see how well they have stood the test of time. 

How will modern children cope with taking a selfie on an old-fashioned 35mm camera? What will they make of lo-fi video games played on a TV with no remote control? And how will they react to a mobile phone that looks and weighs the same as a brick?


Vic Reeves, Dom Joly, Will Mellor (and families) will also feature in the three-part series, set to air on Channel 4 next month.