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“I’ve discovered a long-lost relation in Danny Dyer”: Prince Charles jokes with EastEnders star at awards ceremony

There was an unlikely "family reunion" at the awards ceremony for the Prince's Trust

Prince Charles and Danny Dyer
Published: Thursday, 14th March 2019 at 11:39 am

Danny Dyer can never resist bringing up his connection to the royal family – and when he finally came face-to-face with Prince Charles he took the chance to greet his distant cousin in an unlikely "family reunion."


The EastEnders star was on hand to present an award at the annual ceremony for the Prince's Trust, Prince Charles' charity which helps vulnerable young people get their lives on track. But it was also a chance for him to meet the royal, after he discovered in a 2016 episode of Who Do You Think You Are? that he is a descendent of King Edward III.

The Prince Of Wales Attends The Prince's Trust Awards

The heir to the throne didn't seem to be aware of the connection. According to ITV, when Dyer met Prince Charles before the ceremony kicked off, he told him: "I’m in EastEnders. Just wanted to let you know we’re related as well. King Edward III is my grandfather – but I won’t go into it. No he is, on my life."

Charles was doubtful, pointing out that their shared ancestor was "a very long way away."

But later in the ceremony, the Prince told the audience he'd "discovered a long-lost relation with Daniel Dyer," adding: "He told me he was descended from Edward III, which is interesting. I must do some research when I get back.”

Dyer was more forthcoming, explaining his reasons for agreeing to present the Mentor of the Year Award: "When your cousin Charlie makes the call, you’ve got to help your family out, you know what I mean?"


The actor has been revelling in his royal ancestry since 2016, when he was astonished to discover that connection to Edward III, William the Conquerer, and even Thomas Cromwell. In January 2019 he took a deeper dive in the BBC documentary Danny Dyer's Right Royal Family. Perhaps Prince Charles can watch on catch-up?

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