It’s crunch time as Richard Osman launches World Cup of Crisps 2016

The Pointless host is calling on Twitter to crown this year's champion crisp


Cancel the rest of your weekend plans because it’s the big one: Richard Osman’s World Cup of Crisps 2016.


Yes, in what is set to be another fierce battle of food titans, the Pointless host will run various rounds of voting on his Twitter page until a champion crisp is found.

In 2012 it came down to a Wotsits and Frazzles face-off. And Frazzles are already a hot favourite among the bookies this year. Yes, actual bookies. This is serious stuff guys (money from losing bets goes to charity).

In January the World Cup of Chocolate had more than a million votes. There’s even an official trailer for this savoury grudge match.

The groups have been decided and voting will officially open at 10am today.


You get voting, we’ll pop off and warn local shops to stock up on crisps because we all know what we’re going to fancy later don’t we…?