“It was always going to be tricky”: Mel Giedroyc responds to Generation Game mixed reaction

But the presenter and comedian said she would sign up to make more episodes


Mel Giedroyc has had her say on the mixed reception to the Generation Game revival she hosted with comedy partner Sue Perkins.


“It was always going to be tricky to step into those very large Bruce Forsyth and Larry Grayson-shaped shoes,” Giedroyc told the BBC when asked about the show’s far from favourable reviews. “And we knew that it might come with a certain amount of ‘Oh, what the hell are they doing, doing that?'”

Viewers were split when the BBC aired the innuendo-heavy game show earlier this month, with some calling out its “bizarre canned laughter” and branding it “pointless”. However, others praised its “uncomplicated humour” and “wonderful silliness”.

But despite the show’s divisive nature, Giedroyc said that she would sign on for more episodes. “Our thought is, if we’re asked to do more, we’ll be absolutely delighted to. And we just want to make it as good as we possibly can,” she said.


“If we get to do more we just have to try and make it our own, give it our own voice. It was absolutely brilliant fun, and it’s about the contestants. If you can make the contestants feel great about being there, and if they’re having a good time, then you’ve got a good show on your hands, that’s always our priority. We’ll see. We don’t know yet.”