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Meet the cast of Ibiza Weekender

Find out everything you need to know about the reps, where the ITV2 reality show is filmed and what time the series is on TV

Ibiza Weekender 2018
Published: Wednesday, 7th March 2018 at 12:00 pm

With new faces joining the hotel and romance between two of the reps hotting up, this series of Ibiza Weekender has been more explosive than ever.


Here's everything you need to know, from where the Ibiza Weekender hotel is to who all of the reps are.

What time is Ibiza Weekender on TV?

Watch new episodes every Sunday at 9pm on ITV2, or catch up on this series on ITV Hub.

Where is Ibiza Weekender filmed?

The hotel where Ibiza Weekender is filmed is called Ryans Ibiza Apartments, located in the Ibiza Town district.

Who are the reps on Ibiza Weekender?

There are currently six reps, and here's everything you need to know about them:

David Potts - Head Rep

David Potts
Ibiza Weekender David Potts (ITV)

Twitter: @DavidWeekender

Instagram: @davidweekender

For the second series running, David is the Head Rep on Ibiza Weekender. "I'm not really a bossy person but this time I know what I'm doing," says David. "It was a walk in the park!"

Describing this series of the ITV2 reality show, David says: "This season was so much more dramatic. Seriously, it was on another level. We had people leaving, people getting sacked, more newbies, people getting with each other, people arguing, people's exes coming in. Honestly, it's gone off this series!"

Asked what he thought of the new reps this series, he said: "I liked them. On a personal level, I absolutely love Molly. She is so funny, a proper down to earth girl."

Jordan Davies

Ibiza Weekender Jordan Davies
Ibiza Weekender Jordan Davies (ITV)

Twitter: @JordanWeekender

Instagram: @jordanweekender

Jordan is something of a reality TV veteran. Not only has he starred in every single series of Ibiza Weekender, but the 25-year-old from Wales has also appeared on MTV's Ex On The Beach and Channel 5's Celebrity Big Brother.

He's previously boasted about sleeping with 702 women (very precise) and has also been engaged to The Only Way is Essex's Megan McKenna.

"This tie round it was completely different for me," explains Jordan. "Because most people know me as Jordan, the boy who gets with loads and loads and loads and loads of girls. But this time round I had a romance with one of the reps which I've never had before.

"It wouldn't be Ibiza Weekender without Jordan," he continued, seemingly without irony. "I'm the biggest party boy, I've got the best chat-up lines, I'm the best when it comes to getting with girls."

Chyna Ellis

Ibiza Weekender Chyna Ellis
Ibiza Weekender Chyna Ellis (ITV)

Twitter: @chynaellis_

Instagram: @chynaellis_

Fashion stylist Chyna first found fame on Love Island in 2017 but lasted barely a week before being voted out of the villa.

She since joined Ibiza Weekender where she began dating fellow rep Jordan, although the pair have since split.

"He's a bit of a playboy so I was quite wary of him at first," said Chyna of Jordan before their break-up. "But as soon as I got to know him we got on really well. He's got a really sweet caring personality."

Despite being used to her own space, Chyna also says she "got on really well" with Marlie and didn't take the whole experience too seriously.

Chyna said she was surprised by how hard the work was at the hotel. "We had a lot of responsibility with the guests - it was all down to us whether they had a good time or not," she explains. "It was quite a ruthless experience...the guests had to comment on us individually and decide who was good and who wasn't!"

Marlie Lewis

Ibiza Weekender Marlie Lewis
Ibiza Weekender Marlie Lewis (ITV)

Instagram: @marlieweekender

Twitter: @marlieweekender

Also heading to Ibiza for the first time was Marlie Lewis, a musical theatre student who says she was "more excited than nervous" about joining the team.

"Me and Molly clicked instantly," she says. "She was more on my level. But when Chyna came in, my first impression was 'Oh for God's sake' - someone that I'd have to deal with rather than get on with. As we went on, Chyna and I ended up being as close as anything."

Marlie also said that she learnt to become "a lot more tolerant of people...I've learnt not to judge a book by its cover".

Molly Davies

Ibiza Weekender Molly Davies
Ibiza Weekender Molly Davies (ITV)

Twitter: @MollyWeekender

Bricklayer Molly has swapped concrete for cocktails in Ibiza Weekender 2018.

She said her first impression of everyone was "mental" but that Head Rep David was the best. "He's just joke," she said. "He's on it all the time. He's happy 24/7."

Molly also says that she became "quite close" with fellow rep Chyna and that she liked having the guests come in, too.

However she does say she would "do things differently" if she was doing the show again. "I didn't know what I was getting myself in for and I found it really hard to take it all on," she explained. "If I went there again I would know the crack with it all. It's so intense."

Since filming ended and the summer season is over, Molly is back to bricklaying. "All I wanted to do is come home and lay bricks," she says. "Get back to normality!"

Callum Izzard

Ibiza Weekender Callum Izzard
Ibiza Weekender Callum Izzard (ITV)

Instagram: @callumweekender

Twitter: @callumweekender

Callum says that joining the reps as the new boy this series was "very nerve wracking".

"I felt like it was five years I was missing out on," he said. "Everyone welcomed me with open arms. I just got stuck in straight away."

The Sheffield lad says his most memorable moment of the season was eating the seafood paella.

"I’ve never eaten seafood in my life, which was just a nightmare," he says. "We started playing pass the shrimp, in your mouth..."

He also says he "loved" his first time in Ibiza. "The place is fantastic," he says. "Everything goes full-throttle all the time, great fun. There’s no normality about it, there’s always something fun happening."


Ibiza Weekender airs Sunday 18th February at 9pm on ITV2


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