How will Brexit affect the Eurovision Song Contest?

In case you were worried...


It’s a day of big decisions in the United Kingdom as the establishment is left reeling from the electorate’s move to leave the European Union.


But as the fallout to Brexit continues, one very (sort of) important question presents itself: will we still be able to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest?

Any Eurovision diehards can breath a deep sigh of relief. The UK will continue to risk nil points for years to come.

“The BBC is a Member of the European Broadcasting Union [which organises the Eurovision Song Contest] and is, and will remain, eligible to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. Just like many broadcasters from countries that are not a member of the European Union,” confirmed the EBU in a statement.

“The BBC and the UK have a long relationship with the Eurovision Song Contest. The BBC, representing the UK, will therefore remain a welcome participant in the Contest next year and going forward.”

As a non-EU member, the UK would hardly be breaking new ground by taking part – non-EU countries Norway, Iceland and Switzerland already compete, as do the likes of Australia, Armenia and Azaerbaijan.


Nevertheless, we’re not expecting too many ‘points’ from our EU neighbours come next year…