How well do Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman really know each other?

We put the Strictly duo's friendship to the test in The Mrs and Mrs Show

Claudia Winkleman on Tess Daly…


Where did you first meet Tess?


CLAUDIA: It must have been on It Takes Two a hundred years ago. Tess had just had her little girl Phoebe and we started talking about our kids straight away – Tess is so in love with her children! And so beautiful!

TESS: Claudia will say we met while she was hosting It Takes Two, but actually it was before that! We met in our local chemists about 11 years ago. It was her first trip out with her new baby Jake and she was struggling to negotiate the buggy. I held the door for her and we had a little chat.

What’s been Tess’s most embarrassing moment on Strictly?

CLAUDIA: Oh, her shoe coming off as we were walking out to the opening music one week!

TESS: When my shoe fell off coming down the stairs at the top of a live show, hobbling barefoot towards Claud, stiletto in hand…

What is Tess’s favourite TV programme?

CLAUDIA: She loves property shows. I hope she gives the same answer otherwise I’ll be upset!

TESS: Claud knows property shows are an obsession for me! Grand Designs, Location, Location, Location…

Tess’s perfect holiday destination?

CLAUDIA: It would be the south of France with her family. We talk about holidays A LOT!

TESS: The south of France. We’re always talking about our favourite places to visit there.

What’s Tess’s most annoying habit?

CLAUDIA: She honestly doesn’t really have one – she eats a lot of crisps. That’s a habit but not that annoying. I’ll leave that with you.

TESS: She might say mine is procrastinating about wanting to buy my dream home in the south of France… or pinching all her Haribo!

What would Tess’s superpower be?

CLAUDIA: Everybody wants to fly, don’t they?

TESS: I think she’ll say I’d want to be invisible so that I could spy on Aljaz changing!

Who is Tess’s ultimate celebrity crush?

CLAUDIA: Can I say her husband?

TESS: I have no idea! I’ll be interested to see who she picks for me…

What would her final meal be?

CLAUDIA: Fish and chips!

TESS: It would probably involve chips.

What is her favourite crisp flavour?

CLAUDIA: Our girl would go salt and vinegar.

TESS: She knows I’m mad for salt and vinegar!

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Tess’s ultimate TV detective: Morse, Sarah Lund or Cumberbatch’s Sherlock?

CLAUDIA: Cumberbatch.

TESS: If I had to pick one… Cumberbatch?

Most indulgent dessert: chocolate soufflé, apple crumble or cheeseboard?

CLAUDIA: We both love a bit of cheese.

TESS: She knows I love my desserts and will most likely choose all of the above!

Who’s her culinary inspiration: Mary Berry, Jamie Oliver or Michel Roux?

CLAUDIA: She might choose Mary because I love her so much…

TESS: Probably Mary.

Her perfect evening: takeaway on the sofa, drinks down the pub or a West End club?

CLAUDIA: Takeaway on the sofa. If she doesn’t agree with me I will have a breakdown.

TESS: Takeaway on the sofa with the family or cocktails and a gossip with girlfriends.

What would be her pub tipple: pint, prosecco or pina colada?

CLAUDIA: Like me, she likes a glass of prosecco – we’re like twins!

TESS: Bubbles for me!

What scares her: spiders, the dark or flying?

CLAUDIA: Flying. Definitely.


TESS: I’ve had a fear of flying ever since having kids – I’m ridiculously petrified. 

Claudia’s score: 10/15

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