How do you prepare for a Rugby World Cup final? Answer: Nando’s

The All Blacks had a cheeky trip out just days before the final. Did nobody tell them Nando's is South African?

Chicken. If it works for Usain Bolt then it’ll work for the All Blacks. That’s the only reason we can think why New Zealand’s rugby players would head out for a Cheeky Nando’s on the eve of the Rugby World Cup final.


Hooker Keven Mealamu posted this picture of himself with his All Black teammates at the Woking branch of the restaurant chain.

We should probably point out at this point that Nando’s first started in South Africa, the team New Zealand beat in the semi-finals.

It’s a bit of a step up from Bolt’s hundred chicken nuggets a day during the Beijing Olympics, but still, shouldn’t they be on nutrition lockdown at this point?

To be fair, New Zealand will have to go some way to match their South Pacific neighbours Tonga, who visited Nando’s in Exeter ten days in a row at the start of the tournament.

Last visit from the Tonga Team before their match tomorrow! They visited everyday for the past 10 days, and feel like part of our family now!!! Good luck boys!!!! 😀

Posted by Nandos Exeter on Monday, 28 September 2015

Still no sign of the Aussies in Walkabout yet…


…but we’re very impressed with flanker David Pocock’s taste in telly.