Hot damn! Here’s Uptown Funk sung by 280 different film characters

Watch Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson's track get a silver screen makeover

If you thought Uptown Funk parodies peaked when Voldemort got down to the groovy track, wait until you’ve seen this movie-themed version.


YouTuber dondrapersayswhat has cut together clips from 280 different films (yes, 280 films!) to re-create the Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson chart smash.

Pulp Fiction, Money Ball, Back to the Future, Clash of the Titans, Westside Story, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade… they’re all in there. Handily, they’re all labelled too, so you won’t spend ages scratching your head trying to figure out where each clip is from.


The video took three months to make and I must say the timing of the Purple Rain clip is a thing of genius…